string calculation

Especially for the lute it is nearly impossible to offer standard string sets. There are so many different kind of lutes, from different makers, with different vibrating length, some are made very light, some are heavy, one player likes nylon strings, another carbon or Nylgut or gut. Therefore in most cases a set for a lute must be composed individually.

But now after 25 years of building and stringing lutes and other historical plucked instruments, I do have a great experience in composing string sets for lutes and furthermore a great fundus of string list I can pick up. Fore some of my own lutes I have created optimal string sets. For these sets you will find soon a separate category, and these sets are mentioned on my instrument pages.

But anyway, I can compose for you you individual sets for your instrument. To do this I need the following informations:

  • instrument ( type and producer )
  • string length
  • tuning of all strings
  • pitch: 415 Hz, 440 Hz or another
  • desired tension in kp or Newton
  • the string types you wish to have: gut - loaded gut - "Venice" gut - Nylgut - Nylon - Carbon ( PVF, Alliance ) - silverwound / copperwound
  • The string producer you prefer

To do these calculation needs some time. Therefore I have to calculate a small fee. You will receive the result as sheet of paper or if you wish as a PDF file.
The fees are the following:

  • 4,00 EUR for viols and baroque guitars -- "BERG" item number
  • 6,00 EUR for lutes -- "BER" item number
  • 9,00 EUR for theorboes -- "BERT" item number

Finally I want to make a note about some calculation possibilities, that will help you to make your own calculations:

  • You can buy in the shop the string rulers by Kürschner
    Kürschner, item number RECH , oder
    Pyramid, item number PY RECH.
  • at the webaddress you will find a very useful string calculator with additional informations.
  • Try to get calculation program by Oliver Wadsworth
  • Contact Paul Beier concerning his calculation program for strings and frets. In germany you will get this from TREE edition ( Albert Reyerman ) in Lübeck.
  • You can use the online string calculation program by Arto Wikla