Konzertmandola portugiesische Bauweise

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concert Mandola, portugeese construction

Part of every classical mandolin orchestra are some concert mandolas. Normally theese instruments are build in the  same way as the smaller neapolitan mandolines, having both a round body. Here I offer a model of a mandola, that is basicly different to this round construction.

My model here is based on instruments by the german instrument Paul Hums who has died in the middle of the 1970's.  Besides the normal sized mandolin and mandola models he constructed a special mandola model, which had sides like a guitar and a back with 13 ribs looking like a shell. This backs needs no bars too and is call the portugeese way of construction.

The soundboard is made with a special arching, does not have the usually sharp bend and does therefore not have the cut in behind the bridge. On one side the sound room of this model is much bigger than with an round body instrument. Therrfore the sound is much more strong and has a better self-assertation. This is a very interesting and important characteristic in the context of being used within an orchestra of 20 or more mandolines. But the most importand sound characteristica is the clearness and and the brilliant sound of the low g-string. In comparison to the round bodied models this feature is standing out.

I offer this model in different versions. To list here all will go

for this website. So if you are to far interested, please contact me. But some special characteristics I will list here:
  • back with 13 ribs and spacers like a shell. Various woods are possible: maple, different kids of rosewood, walnut, pearwood.
  • Arched soundboard without the typical sharp bend having a ring- or mosaic rose and furthermore an inlay to protect the soundboard.
  • Fingerboard from rosewood or ebony
  • string length 45 - 47 cm and with Thomastic strings
  • tuning machines in nickel, golden or black engraved
  • different varnishes are possible: synthetic or french polishing

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