If you once have registered, you can always see the delivery state of your order, and furthermore you can see earlier orders. About the state of current orders you will be informed automatically ( payment - shipping )

Her you will find now some answers to often asked questions:

  • How to order?
    Before ordering in our shop, it is necessary to create an account in ouir shop. The advantage then is, you must not enter again all your data when palcing another order.
  • forgot your password?
    No problem, using the link forgot password you will receive a new password, after inserting your current e-mail and Postal ZIP code.
    It is recommendet to install a password manager on your PC, may be:
    KeePass is a free open source password manager
  • You get the message: There is no login.
    If you receive this message, weather there is no account fitting to the data you entered or you inserted incorrect data. Please enter exact the mailaddress you used at your first login. If you did change your login mailaddress, then it is necesary to create a new account.
  • How can I change my password and other data?
    If you login, you first will see all the data account: billing address - shipping address - credits - passed orders. You will find there too links to change the data.
  • item numbers
    All item numbers are shown in the type color Magenta. This is the case in the shop, on all item pages and detailed item pages, and in the most catalogues made by myself and which you can find in the download center.
  • How can I find the string I'm looking for?
    This shop is basicly explaining itself. Using the categories in the left top box, you have a quick account to the different article groops CD's, instruments, accessoires and finally the strings. In the string categories there will be added more subcategories soon, to get a better access to special groops of strings. This will bring too a better overview tho the existing offers by this shop.
    Additionally you may use the search function of tis shop. This search ( minimum 3 characters are needed! ) is searching within the item text and numbers. So no item will be missed by searching. If the item number is known to you, you can insert this or a part and you will have the quickest result. :

    Entering of NFS --> the result will be all silverwound Nylon strings by SAVAREZ for lutes
  • string sets
    Some string sets are composed by myself. So you will never find these items at the producers directly. But in my detail descriptions you will find the single strings of such a set listed. These item numbers are marked with the type color magenta . That means that whenever you find a text/number in magenta, you see an item number. These item numbers you will find also in my various catalogues which are downloadable from my download center. If you have some more questions, please contact me through my contact form.
  • Do I get an e-mail after my order?
    About each order you place in the shop, you will receive mail confirmation with all date of your order:
    billing address, delivery address, ordered items, banc account data ( no cc data )
  • How can I pay?
    there are the following possibilities for your payment:
    • by invoice – for former clients
    • prepayment: for new customers and customers from european countries
    • by credit card – only for clients from foreign countries
      The following cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard and American Express
    • by PayPal - cost free for clientsfrom outside Germany
  • A card or PayPal payment did not work?
    It is not possible to change the way of payment. But it is no problem to repeat it. For doing this please follow the following pictures.

  • problems?
    If there now remais some questions, please contact me through my mailform, or if there are any problems or mistakes, please inform me. Concerning the calculation of special string sets, please visit my separate explanation page.
  • phone support
    Sometimes it is necessary to get an phone support. You can get this under the number
    ++49 76 32 - 82 88 13 monday - friday at 10 - 12 o'clock and wednesday at 16 - 18 Uhr ( central european time ).
    Requests by e-mail will be answered immediately!