Aoud model after Mohamed Fadhel 1980 - rosewood body

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Aoud model after Mohamed Fadhel 1980

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UBF 03 professional Modell

  • 21 ribs ribs rosewood
  • selected spruce top
  • rosewood fretboard
  • string length 60 cm
  • neck veneered with rosewood
  • 3 open soundholes surrounded with rosewood
  • Pegbox maple veneered with rosewood
  • synthetic varnish

    This is the Oud model that Mounir Bashir played by himself, and that

    has been played by all the members of his group ?Al Bayrak? . The

    Original of this instrument was build in 1986 by Mohammed Fadel

    and is actually played by Raed Koshaba.

With my copy of this instrument, Raed Koshaba gave a concert in my home town in Badenweiler at the 28th november 2008. You will find this video in youtube. To see it go hier


This model is not kept on stock, it will be produced after your order. This brings you the advantage, that individual requirements can be realized ( scale, material, neck measurements )

The delivery time will be approximately 6 ? 8 month.

For this instrument a pick-up is available. This pick-up can also be installed fix in combination with a small preamp which works without a battery. Installing both will be cost free while ordering in in combination with the instrument.

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